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Associated Consultants:
· Ing. Eliseo Matera – Chemicals Area.
· Arq. Alicia Novello – Engineering Area.
· Ing. Genaro Jorge Rizzuto – Engineering Area.
· Ing. Ignacio Rojas Panello – Engineering Area.
· Ing. Guillermo Patricio Miguez – Engineering Area.
· Lic. Marcelo Somenson – Environmental and Ecological Area.
· Ing. Jose Luis Rodríguez Alvarez – Business Opportunities.

About Us

UBAJAY S.A. is an independent consultant specialized in five main areas, which can be summarized as follows:

• Design of industrial plants and/or liquids storage plants.

• Technical-economic advisory to companies concerned with oil, petrochemicals, chemicals and manufacturing.

• Advisory to medium sized companies regarding objectives redefinition, growth strategies, merges and/or purchase-sale of their share stock.

• Advisory to national and/or international gubernamental organizations.

• Advisory on ecology and environment.

Argentinean and International companies, as well as organizations such as the United Nations and The World Bank, have received advisory in their quest for solutions to improve their performance and operative results.

Our highly professional staff, allows our clients to attaining the best cost-benefit result.

Our headquarters are located in La Plata city, with a branch office in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Our Vision

• To be the favorite consultant of companies which manufacture, market and sell industrial products.

• To offer a flexible, fast, economic and tailor-made service, fulfilling customer needs beyond their expectations.

• To provide availability of a qualified professional staff, with the required expertise for each particular case.

• To provide professionalism, responsibility, reliability and confidentiality in order to be considered an extension of our customer's organization.

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